6 Black Power And History Books You Should Read


THE NEW JIM CROW, Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

This book by Michelle Alexander is like a prophecy to what’s going on right now. She wrote that things are getting worse (she wrote this book at the time of Obama’s presidency) and that mass incarceration had replaced segregation and disenfranchisement which is targeted at black people (people of colour). There is a greater number of incarcerated people than the enslaved and they fear when we realize this there’s going to be riot. And yes! We know. Go and read this book.


This is a book written by Walter Rodney. The large argument that this book places before us is the that Africa developed Europe and Europe at the same rate underdeveloped Africa. Walter Rodney explained by reconstructing the pre-European Africa’s development condition, the pre-expansionist Europe and their contributions to each other’s present condition. He not only speaks of the problem but urges Africans to gird their loins and understand the problem in order to solve it.


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