5 African Royals That Were Taken Into Slavery During The Slave Trade Era


Back when we were in school, our history lessons spoke of slave trade like it was meant for poor people and slaves. As the years have gone by we have discovered that a couple of people born of royal descent also ended up as slaves during the slave trade era.

Here are 5 of such individuals.


William Ansah Sessarakoo - Wikipedia

William was born in Annamabo, known to be the largest slave-trading port on the Gold coast. He was a Fante man, a prominent man in the Fantes and among the Europeans. His father, John Corrente was a chief caboceer and an important ally for traders in the city. His father wanted him to learn in England and build relationships. He entrusted him to a man who betrayed John by sending his son to Barbados as a slave for sale. His father pleaded to have him released after knowledge of his betrayal. The Royal African Company and the English Joint-Stock company liberated Ansah and he was received in England as a prince.

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