Winston Duke “M’Baku” Shares Emotional Tribute To Chadwick Boseman

Winston Duke and Chadwick Boseman

Three days after Chadwick Boseman passed away from stage four colon cancer, those who knew him personally are still sending in tributes.

For some time, Chadwick Boseman was a distant movie hero to Winston Duke.

However, the two finally met when Winston auditioned for the role of M’Baku in Black Panther.

Yesterday, Ryan Coogler, the Director of the movie said it was unusual for leading men to be present at auditions for supporting roles, but Chadwick was no ordinary leading man.

So when Winston auditioned for M’Baku, it was Chadwick who told the casting crew that he was ready for the role – that’s after Winston had broken his bracelet.

“Chadwick was a lightning rod for me… he gave me direction… when I saw “42”, I said, I could be like THIS guy,” Winston wrote in his tribute.

He even revealed that Chadwick would privately rehearse their scenes with him well before they have to shoot.

“Thanks for being someone I could look up to on and off screen … your calm confidence was inspiring and exemplary,” he added.

Rest in power, King!


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