Video: The Origin Of This Hilarious Meme Has Been Found

Muhammad Sarim Akhtar - Disappointed Cricket Fan Meme (image via Pinterest)

‘Disappointed cricket fan’ is one of the hilarious and most used memes on social media.

Muhammad Sarim Akhtar, a cricket enthusiast was disappointed and felt let down during a cricket match in June 2019.

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Disappointed Cricket Fan (credit: Tenor)

But have you ever wondered how this meme originated?

Well, this meme was birthed on June 12, 2019, when Australia faced Pakistan in the cricket world cup.

During the match, Asif Ali of the Pakistan team dropped a catch.

After Ali failed to make the catch, cameras then pulled away from the player and focused on disappointed Muhammad Sarim Akhtar in the stands watching with his hands on his hips.

Here’s the video:


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