Tutorials: How To Take The Absolute Best Pictures With Your Samsung Phone

Screenshot From Unorthodox Creator Tutorial Video On YouTube

The UNORTHODOX CREATOR (@iShotOnSamsung) is a Ghanaian creator that redefines what phone photography means. The Samsung backed creator is an expert when it comes to taking pictures with the brands range of phones. So, when we say we’re going to help you take the absolute best pictures with your Samsung phone, it’s not just a gimmick.

The UNORTHODOX CREATOR shares tips, and camera settings that will take your phone photography skills from amateur, past decent to super pro.

Using The Live Focus

How To Shoot In Daylight

Tweak The Camera Settings

What tips have you picked up in your time using a Samsung mobile device? Let us know in the comment below.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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