The Best Music Discovered In August

Bree Runway, Twitch 4Eva
Bree Runway, Twitch 4Eva collage

Every week since June, I have been suggesting songs I think everyone deserves to listen to. The “What We Are Listening To This Week” series is like the music version of a book club….a music club where I tell you about a song or a project I absolutely love.

I talk about my favourite things about the song and hoprfully, for those who have been following, this series helped put you on to really amazing music!

For those who missed a few or didn’t even notice, here’s a compilation of all the songs I featured in August!

Bree Runway’s Gucci

If you like pop music and you enjoy really creative videos, you’d appreciate Bree Runway’s Gucci. Fun fact, she’s a Ghanaian making huge waves in the UK music industry.

Blac Cousins’ Pillow Talk

I enjoyed listening to this hip-hop project a lot! It’s by two young Ghanaian artistes. They are both female rappers and one of them did the production as well on the whole project. It’s great seeing women do so well in the industry,

Twitch’s Lost EP

If you are a sucker for love and heartbreak and smooth vocals, you’d definitely want to listen to this 10/10 project from Twitch.

Mista Myles’ Die For You

Another song for people who like to be in their feelings, i was skeptic about this song at first because of the length but after a few listens, it grew on me.

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