Australian High Commissioner To Ghana Gregory Andrews’ Kofi The Dog Keeps His Name

Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Gregory Andrews hugging his dog, Kofi (image via Facebook/AustralianHighCommissionGhana)

When the Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Gregory Andrews posted about his dog who is called Kofi, many on social media had an issue with it.

Gregory had posted a photo himself taking his dogs, Kofi and Rikka for a walk in the streets of Osu.

However, a lot of Ghanaians were of the opinion that the dog bearing the name Kofi was disrespectful.

That forced Gregory to explain that he inherited the dog when he assumed office and that he was named by staff of the High Commission, however, that did not solve the issue.

To make a final decision on whether to change the name of the dog or not, Gregory started a poll on Twitter.

Which the results, more than 65% of the responses, urged him to keep the name.

“It’s official Ghana. Based on your collective voice, I’ve decided to keep Kofi’s name,” Gregory posted on Facebook.

“All of my fellow colleagues at the High Commission are happy. A few preferred #Coffee, but everyone respects the majority view,” he added.

As Kofi the dog gets to keep his name, the High Commissioner emphasized that he has “the highest respect for the peoples and cultures of Ghana.”

Congrats to Kofi the Dog for keeping his name.

Can you imagine the red tape he would have had to go through at the court just to swear an affidavit to change his name?


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