#VGMA21: All Your Favorite Celebrities On The Red Carpet

This year’s VGMAs has been really different. One point being the fact that tickets weren’t exactly sold to the general public and also because it’s happening for 2 days (yes! We get to enjoy ourselves again tonight from the comfort of our homes).

From the fashion point of view, to be quite honest, I didn’t see anyone who did “the most” except for Teflon Flexx who walked onto the red carpet in his traditional wear and his entourage. They were holding a royal umbrella and all that. He caught the attention of many as many people were wondering who he was.

Image of Teflon Flexx at the VGMAs

Another thing that impressed me about the men in general was the fact that a lot of them ditched the traditional suits and wore something different. For that I was really impressed.

For the ladies, no one really did anything out of the ordinary, even Efya. Efya usually does something different with her look that makes her stand out. She never conforms but last night, when I saw her in her red gown, I just knew there would be nothing spectacular to see from everyone else.

Image of Efya at the VGMAs

Here are all the celebrities you missed on the red carpet.


Image of Kidi at the VGMAs

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