Funny Ways Ghanaian Dads Show Their Love, Instead Of Actually Saying It

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Fathers tend to be awkward when it comes to showing affection to their children, especially their sons. However, they do have their own funny ways of showing that they care. We’ve put together some of the most awkward ways that our dads show that they care—without actually putting it into words.

Giving You Meat Off Their Plate

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

When your dad randomly calls you to come get some meat of his plate, you know he cares. It’s a little elaborate, but for a Ghanaian father, it’s a whole lot easier than saying that they love you.

Giving You A Taste Of Alcohol

Photo by Kaysha from Pexels

Another thing that a Ghanaian father will do to show his affection, usually for a son, is giving you a sip of some alcoholic drink that he’s having. Don’t look at me, I can’t explain it either. But it does make for a really good bonding moment.

Passing Down Their Things

Photo by Kaysha from Pexels

Ghanaian fathers are always trying to pass down their things that they’ve grown out of. And obviously it’s only because of how much they care. Here’s an old t-shirt that I don’t wear anymore. You can have it because I can’t say I love you. Makes sense right?


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