Bright Hodzor: The Inspiring Story Of ‘The Celebrity Painter’

Bright Hodzor is popularly known as the Celebrity Painter

Turning something that was born out of passion into a profit-making venture is not an everyday story in Africa. That is why it is always uplifting to share stories of young Africans using their talent to influence their career.

In Ghana, one of such persons who has advanced in using his creative ability to earn his keep is Bright Hodzor, popularly known as the Celebrity Painter.

This young man’s talent has pushed him to do the extraordinary. He does not only recognise this gift of making the most astonishing interior and exterior wall paintings as a talent but also as a business. With a view to that, he started Kaprisky Creations Ghana which he uses as an entity to provide jobs for other young people under his tutorship.

For the past 15 years, with a speciality in interior and exterior paintings, Bright has built a sterling career
for himself accumulating high-earned clients such as Cocobod, Action Chapel International, Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Madina, Top Kid International School at East Legon, Akosombo International School, Quality Insurance Company headquarters, Wilmar, Bosch Ghana, Trassaco and Manet Estate among many others.

Aside from the institutions he had worked with in Ghana, Bright is widely recognised by the artistic displays he has across the city of Accra including the Frytol paintings on one of the biggest markets in Ghana, Kaneshie Market.

Outside Ghana, his works have caught the attention of international clients across West Africa earing him several opportunities to register his unravelling works in Nigeria and Togo.

Bright is convinced that the challenges that come with his talent and creativity are his sources of inspiration. He further acknowledges the recommendation and comments from his clients as a push to
do more and to do better.

Bright who hails from Leklebi Duga in the Volta Region is a Senior High School graduate from Kinbu. After
completion, he could not access enough support to start his university education. In the course of finding something to do keep himself from starving, Bright began painting for friends and family for little or no pay. A cliche of a story but still a reality in Africa today. It was at this time, that his talent bloomed and the business idea dropped in his mind. He started to share his works on social media and it caught fire and spread.

In the next decade, Bright wants to take his craft across the world. After the depth of experience he has gathered and creativity he has been able to share with the world through his journey, he believes it is time to start working with more international brands beyond Africa.

For creatives in Ghana who want opportunities to be given to showcase their talents, he also admonishes them to learn how to monetize what they do.

He believes that investment in oneself and the addition of value to one’s skills can provide more opportunities to increase revenue as well as go a long way to curb the rate of youth unemployment in Ghana, and by extension, the continent of Africa.

As a result, the Celebrity Painter does not miss a good opportunity to speak at conferences, seminars, webinars and workshops organised for young entrepreneurs.

As a way of contributing to curbing the unemployment issues in Ghana, Bright wishes to work with Governmental or Non-Governmental Organisations to mobilise and train young people who are interested in his craft in every district in Ghana.

This, he believes would help them gain experiences with which they can start their own business.

His company Kaprisky Creations Ghana is located at Madina New Road and can be found as @thecelebritypainter on all social media platforms.

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