10 Traditional Yoruba Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Chic

3. Koroba

Koroba, 1975 | J.D. 'Okhai Ojeikere | African braids hairstyles pictures,  African hairstyles, Hair styles

Koroba is a very unique Nigerian hairstyle. The hairstyle is often called a basket because it looks like a basket faced down. It is also called an inverted shuku sometimes because it is the reverse of the shuku hairstyle. The hair is braided downwards from the middle on all sides, forming a basket shape.

4. Patewo

patewo | Natural hair styles, Hair styles, Natural hair braids

Patewo which is the Yoruba translation for English word ‘clap’ is a Nigerian hairstyle that looks like clapped hands, hence the name, patewo. The hair is divided vertically down at the middle and then braided horizontally to the division. Patewo hairstyle can be easily combined with all back and a fringe (base) to project its beauty.


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