10 Traditional Yoruba Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Chic

The Yoruba people are one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria. Their women are very creative when it comes to style, beauty, fashion and hair. Hairstyles that show the strength and beauty of the people before the modern world started popularizing the use of human hair brought from other parts of the world such as Brazil, Peru, India, and so on.  In time past, many Yoruba women adorned their hair with cowries which is still one of the most common hair accessory used in our present days.

The traditional Yoruba hairstyles are not expensive when compared to modern hairstyles but are unique when adorned by the Yoruba women. Below are lists of chic Yoruba hairstyles

1. All back

the beauty of Africa in their hairstyle Nigeria fashion — Steemit

All back hairstyle is one of the easiest Nigerian hairstyle to plait. The style which simply involves braiding one’s hair all to the back is very popular among black women around the world. All back brings out the shape of a woman’s face and accentuates her African beauty. It has also become the most convenient protective hairstyle when wearing wigs.

2. Shuku

Traditional Yoruba Hairstyles _ 10 Unique Styles For Women

Shuku: This particular hairstyle involves braiding the hair to form a hump on the head. The simplicity of it makes it less time-consuming and easier to weave than other difficult hairstyles. There are many variations of this popular hairstyle ranging from “shuku ologede”, “shuku onididi”, “shuku elegbe”. There’s no Nigerian lady that would try this hairstyle and not love it.

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