Social Media To The Rescue: Kofi Shim Needs $35,000 For Kidney Transplant

Kofi Shim Nazzar

In July, we filed a report on Kofi Shim Nazzar, who was in urgent need of blood to undergo treatment at the 37 Military Hospital.

After the treatment, Shim was steadily recovering, and he was grateful to everyone who helped by donating blood to save his life.

However, he was later diagnosed with kidney failure, and ever since, he has had to undergo regular dialysis costing $150 every week.

Currently, his hospital bills for dialysis and other expenses are being catered for by some few close friends and relatives.

Kofi Shim Nazzar undergoing dialysis

Shim’s kidneys are “completely damaged” and due to further complications, he developed a mild stroke earlier this month.

The only way to keep him alive is for him to undergo a kidney transplant. Fortunately, he has a donor and requires financial assistance to enable him to undergo the surgery.

The cost of the transplant is $35,000, and Shim’s family and friends are asking for your support to save his life.

You can donate to support Shim’s family via MTN Mobile Money number: 0240776981 (account name: Ruby Adom) or via his GoFundme page.

Donations can also be made via Cal Bank PLC. Here are the bank details:

Branch: Independence Avenue

Account name: Save Shim Kofi Nazzar Fund Association

Account number: 1400005075938


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