Melania Trump Highlights Her Visit To Ghana In Biggest Political Speech Of Her Life

Melania Trump

American President, Donald Trump is standing for reelection in the American General Elections.

All this week, his party, the Republican Party has been holding partly virtual convention to solidify their base ahead of the election.

On one of those nights, First Lady Melania Trump was the headliner who delivered a speech meant to soften Donald Trump.

While addressing Black Lives Matter movement in her speech, Melania highlighted her trip to Ghana back in 2018.

On her trip to Ghana she visited hospitals, but it was her trip to the Cape Coast castle that stuck with her.

She talked about the horrifying stories of slavery which for many black Americans, was the beginning of story of their existence in the country.

She, therefore, called for calm and urged all Americans come together to resolve race relations.

Currently, there are renewed protest marches in America after police shot Jacob Blake seven times in his back in front of his children.


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