How To Clean Your False Eyelashes The Right Way


The price for false lashes range from about GHS 15 to GHS 100 and with prices like these, it’s just wrong to throw them away after wearing them just once.

When removing the lashes you need to wash your hands first and gently tug at them so they can come off without getting ruined. Once they’ve been removed, do the following.

1. Remove the excess glue

You applied lash glue on the lash band for it to stick to your eyes. Once you’ve removed the lashes, check to see if there’s extra glue on the lash band and use your fingers or tweezers to pick out the extra glue stick on it.

2. Clean the lashes

There’s a good chance that you used mascara to blend your actual lashes and the falsies. To clean the mascara from the lash, place cotton swab in micellar water and use it to gently clean the lashes. Make sure you see that the mascara and glue have come off.

3. Dry them

Place them on paper towels and press them slightly on them. Make sure you don’t deform the lashes though. Also make sure they aren’t under a fan because they’re light and will just fly away and get missing.

When they’re dry, you can put them back in the box you took them from.


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