#Kumerica: 7 Kumasi Drill Songs We Are Currently Jamming To

The viral Kumerican flag

If you have been living under a rock, then you slack because Asakaa music is the new wave.

Asakaa music is Ghana’s version of the popular HipHop Drill genre and the pioneers are a group of young rappers in Kumasi. Apparently, they have been making their version of Drill music for a while and now that it’s come to our attention…we cannot help but amplify their voices because honestly, they are on some wild thing!

The songs are fire and I have been discovering a lot more that makes me hopeful for the futre of HipHop in Ghana.

These are the songs I’m currently bumping!

Akatafo – Kawabanga feat. O’Kenneth, Reggie & Jay Bahd

Currently, we are all definitely listening to this song because it’s the one that caught everyone’s attention! It’s an amazing song and is defintiely the first song I’d suggest you share with anyone just to open their minds to the new wave!

Suzy – Jay Bahd Ft Kwaku DMC x City Boy

You Don’t Know Me -Kwaku DMC

Dabro – Braa Benk ft Kwaku DMC 

Ya Parki – O’kenneth & Reggie

Bando Boys – Kobby Carter

Akata Gang Gang – Reggie 

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Source: Kuulpeeps.com 

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