John Dumelo Is Not Entertaining The Thought Of Losing The Election

John Dumelo
John Dumelo

As the 2020 General Election draws closer, politicians are going out of their way to act selflessly, with various community support projects.

What we have become accustom to is that politicians go overdrive with their community support projects and go silent immediately after the election – whether they won or lost.

As a result it was out of basic curiosity that first time Parliamentary Candidate John Dumelo would be asked if he would continue with his community support projects after the elections.

Kobby on Twitter asked him whether he would continue doing the good work he is doing in the Ayawaso West Constituency if he loses the election.

For which, John Dumelo replied that he has a 10-year history of doing good work which is to suggest that he will continue even after the election.

One thing John wouldn’t entertain, however, was any thought of him losing the election to the incumbent candidate, Lydia Alhassan.

Just after he made his 10 years doing good on the regular statement, John added “and there’s no ‘in case i lose’ boss” making a point that he is in to win this thing.

His constituency’s election is shaping up to be one of the hotly contested parliamentary seats.


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