How To Easily Spot A Dbee In Ghana

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Dbee or Dada ba basically means you’re a rich kid enjoying your rich parents’ money.

Because no one can ask outright: “are you a rich kid?”, there are certain stereotypes associated with ‘dbees’ and if you don’t consider yourself as one but can relate to at least one of these, then chances are, people have called you a dbee more than 500 times!

Dbees wear glasses

Once you wear glasses, you’re automatically seen as a dbee. It’s worse if you started wearing it as a child and had that rope thingy that is supposed to prevent it from falling off your face.

Can’t see? Nobody cares. You’re dbee! Must be nice.

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Dbees wear braces 

If you have braces, that’s it, you’re definitely going to be considered dbee! 

Nobody cares you’re trying to correct your teeth. You’re giving off dbee vibes.

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Dbees are chubby

I can not describe properly what it is but there’s some kind of chubby usually associated with guys immediately makes people think DBEE!! Big ass? Check! Chubby thighs? Check! Big soft cheeks? Check! 

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Dbees usually speak with an accent 

Usually, it’s because they’ve gone on several vacations to the USA or UK but to be honest, plenty money automatically comes with some impeccable English, oh and it’s weird how most of them barely open their mouth when they speak too…

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Dbees have cars 

Most dbees have cars their parents got for them or they’re driving their parents’ cars. In Uni, you definitely realized you were different from your dbee friends when after level 100, they started driving one of daddy’s cars

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East Legon… the hub of Dbees 

If you want to find a bunch of dbees, drive through East Legon. Most of them, the young ones especially, are shopping in overpriced shops and driving around in the most casual of outfits. 

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Dbee circle of friends 

If you still can’t spot a dbee, look around. In every group of friends, wherever there’s a halfco, there are two dbees next to them talking about something you can’t relate to.

Because you’re not dbee. 

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