Ghana Embassy In US Partners With US Census Bureau To Ensure All Ghanaians Are Accounted For

US 2020 Census

The Embassy Of Ghana in the United States of America has partnered with the US Census Bureau to ensure that all Ghanaians who were in the country on or before April 1, 2020 are accurately accounted for.

The US is currently conducting an ongoing census exercise which in many ways helps their policy makers to provide community support and services to the general population.

However, the Ghanaian Embassy also wants to accurately know the number of people in America who identify as Ghanaians.

As such the embassy urged Ghanaians who are naturalized US citizens, those with lawful permanent residents, international students, humanitarian migrants, persons who were born in the US to at least one Ghanaian parent or grandparent should indicate their ethnicity as Ghanaians on the US census survey.

The embassy asked Ghanaians to respond to the survey and not shy away from the process.

The process ends on September 30.


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