Why University Of Ghana & St Augustine’s College Alumnus Kingsley Gyekye Committed Suicide

Kingsley Kwaku Gyekye. Photo credit: Michael Dabi/Facebook

Once again, a Ghanaian who had a lot to offer his country has had to take his own life because in his hour of need society shunned him.

The idea of community used to mean that people with diverse and/or similar backgrounds coming together to watch out for one another.

Community is supposed to build each other up, instead it seems we often love to kick people who are already on the ground.

St Augustine’s College alumnus, Kingsley Kwaku Gyekye had a promising career in academia even though he was differently abled.

He had a medical condition with his right leg but that did not stop his pursuit of knowledge and then sharing that knowledge with others.

As narrated by his close friend Michael Dabi on Facebook, Kingsley went to study Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Ghana, Legon after they both completed St Augustine’s College.

After Legon, Kingsley went to pursue a Master’s degree in Russia, when he returned he started a career in academia lecturing at a university in Ghana.

He then got a job offer to lecture at one of the universities in Sierra Leone and he took it, from there it looked like Kingsley was heading to the stars.

However, after a couple of years, he returned to Ghana having lost his job.

“He had suddenly developed halitosis – a condition in which a person emanates an unattractive odour from their mouth,” Michael said.

Back in Ghana, he struggled to secure a job because of his two medical conditions.

“He used up his savings moving from one hospital to another. I invited him to Ho about a year and a half ago to see a specialist I personally knew,” he added.

But that did not go anywhere.

While he was fighting his medical conditions, he also had to constantly move house because his neighbours would have him.

He was being ridiculed and facing stigmatization on a daily basis from his neighbours.

“They even went to the extent of warning people who came close to him about his conditions and how contagious it was,” Michael said.

Kinsgley was not able to secure a job and his attempt to start his own project, people would not allow that.

“He complained of some mischievous persons who were pestering him and making it difficult for him to continue with his project,” Michael said.

Tired of it all, Kingsley took his own life bidding farewell to society that shunned him when he needed them the most.

“We make their lives miserable to the extent that they despair of life and wish themselves dead. Society killed my friend. Yes, we killed him,” Michael said.

RIP Kingsley.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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