Some Of The Craziest Things ‘Ghanaian Ancestors Pioneered’

image via Twitter/JoeUnchnained

Ghana is a country that so much reveres its ancestors.

In the African traditional Religion, ancestors are always called upon when libation is poured.

It is also believed that ancestors maintain a spiritual connection with living relatives.

So, in all, our ancestors are very dear to us.

But have you ever wondered the pioneers of certain things that some people do now.

Well, with the help of tweep Joe Funds, we now know the ‘names and faces’ of ‘Ghanaian ancestors’ who ‘pioneered’ some things that people do now.

Joe Funds created a thread of ‘Ghanaian ancestors’ and what they ‘pioneered’.

These are just for laughs though…

Kojo Gyan: The first guy to send a lady money for transport and she failed to show up

image via Twitter/JoeUnchnained

Esi Lagata: The first lady to take money for transport from a guy and failed to go

image via Twitter/JoeUnchnained

Adjoa Linda: The first woman to need GHC20 urgently

image via Twitter/JoeUnchnained

Fred Baffour: The first guy to say “Babe I’m just brushing, I won’t push it in”

image via Twitter/JoeUnchnained

Esi Abele: The first hairdresser to ask her client how long her husband last in bed.

image via Twitter/JoeUnchnained

This thread by Joe Funds caused other tweeps to also tweet their versions of what ‘Ghanaian ancestors pioneered’.

Here are some of the tweets:


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