Social Media To The Rescue: Amount Needed For Frederick’s Kidney Transplant Realised

Frederick Mawutor Etteh

On August 20, 2020, we filed a report on Frederick Mawutor Etteh, who has an issue with his kidney and needed an amount of $45,000 to undergo a kidney transplant.

The kidney transplant is expected to be undertaken in India, and the amount stated above is the total cost of the transplant and travel expenses.

Great news coming in from the fundraisers indicate that the money needed to ensure that Fred undergoes a successful kidney transplant has been realised.

“On behalf of Frederick Mawutor Etteh and his family we say Thank You for opening your hearts and giving generously towards his upcoming kidney transplant,” a statement from the fundraisers read.

“We end this campaign today noting that every single donation went a long way to help achieve and exceed out target,” the fundraisers added.

They are also grateful to everyone who supported.

Below is the full statement:

Statement from Frederick’s kidney transplant fundraisers


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