Let’s Get You Hired: In-Job Training And Launching A Career New Fields

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If you are a job seeker you’ve come to the right place. Let’s Get You Hired is a weekly series and explores career tips from various experts. That is, in order to help you to start on your desired career path. This week’s installment of the series is brought to you thanks to Circumspecte and The New Career Platform,

This week, we’re talking to Josephine Ecklu on how to launch a career in sustainable development. Josephine is an Agribusiness Manager with a wealth of experience in fields ranging from Food Engineering to International Development and some Diplomatic Roles. Currently Josephine’s work spans four continents. Now, let’s jump right into the tips.

Internships And Volunteer Opportunities

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According to Josephine, internships and volunteer opportunities have made her career what it is currently. She studied Food Processing Engineering for her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Ghana. And as part of the requirements for her course, the school required her to participate in three internships. And then, in addition to that, Josephine wanted to stand out from everyone else, so she did some volunteer work as well.

In her words, after you graduate, everyone has a degree. In order to make your application for a job stand out, the work that you’ve done will come into play. And it’s for that reason that you shouldn’t focus only on what you’re going to be paid when you take up volunteer work. In fact, another great benefit from taking volunteer opportunities and internships is that it creates the chance for you to market yourself and to network.

The connections that you make during those programs can become a springboard for you to launch your career from. Finally, in this regard, Josephine believes that you should be open-minded and open yourself to different career experiences. She doesn’t believe that there’s anything that’s a failure … just opportunities to learn lessons.

You Can Still Learn—Even While You’re Working

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Although, Josephine’s primary qualification was in Food Processing Engineering, she applied for a role in Finance at the Netherlands Embassy. She has her qualifications in Food Processing Engineering, but she still had some transferable expertise that landed her the job. However, after getting the job, Josephine took steps to build up her formal knowledge in finance.

So, while she was working at the embassy, she took a certificate course at the Bank of Ghana. After that she also took a year-long Master’s program in Finance at the University of Ghana. And she did that she was still working. That is why Jamila Abdulai, host of Circumspecte’s CV Convos advises that you not just negotiate for a bigger salary. When you’re taking on a new job, it is also important that you negotiate opportunities for professional development.

That means during the negotiation process, you can ask for time to explore educational opportunities instead of just asking for a little extra cash attached to your salary.

Let’s Get You Hired is a weekly manual for job seekers. The series contains guides and tips on CVs, Interviews and other resources to get you hired.

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Source: Josephine EckluAgribusiness Manager/Food Processing Engineer/International Development Specialist


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