Did You Know: 5 Of The Most Expensive Fashion Items In The World

The rich really like to acquire stuff that don’t make sense sometimes to us mere “peasants” and this article is an example.

In this list, we see the difference between how they think and how the rest of us think because, some of these expensive things are normal things oh! Except we bought them at reasonable prices. I know for a fact that this list will make you angry because if you’re like me, all you’ll see is a waste of money which could have changed your life, taken you out of debt and even have a lot of money for your generation to come.

1. Belt – $256,000 – GHS 1,476,807.42

Image of the Gucci diamond belt via moneyinc.com

The most expensive Gucci belt that money can buy is the Gucci diamond belt. Apparently it is made from platinum and diamond materials which are studded into the fabric.

Basically, it does what other types of belts do. It just looks fancier and is branded.

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