What We Are Listening To This Week: Mista Myles’ Die For You

Mista Myles
Mimlife Records singer, Mista Myles

Love songs sound the same these days and honestly, none really hit me as much as my pick of the week does. 

Mista Myles’ Die For You.

cover art for Mister Myles' Die For You
cover art for Mister Myles’ Die For You

As usual, one thing stood out the most for me immediately and on this song, it was the excellent production. 

Die For You’s production is way too beautiful.

The WebieJustDidIt production never gets boring which is a good thing considering the fact that the song is 4 minutes long. The melody from the piano, the drums…It’s easy to get lost in it without paying attention to the artiste’s lyrics. 

For me, the elaborate production definitely adds to the tone of the song; a sad tale of love and the artiste’s promise to do everything he can to make his love interest content with him.

Mista Myles complemented the production perfectly with his soothing soft voice, putting in enough emotion to make you understand that inasmuch as this is a love story, it’s not a happy one but rather a hurtful one.

I’d recommend you watch the video too! It tells you just how far Mista Myles means when he sings: “I fit go to war for you, I go die for you “

I go crazy over a music video that tells a story and this one had me hooked from beginning to the end. I assumed it’d be the usual cheesy “man and girlfriend fight, man finds love with another woman” but this time, there was a twist… he went back to his first love interest whose love he wasn’t even sure of and literally died for her.

Its an interesting story line and that, coupled with the amazing song made me a little emo, I can’t lie about that.

Get the song on Audiomack, and watch the video below. Let me know if I was remotely wrong about this song!

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