These 15 Mobile Games Will Leave You Feeling Nostalgic

Space Impact
Space Impact

Gone were the days when almost everyone had button phones which had numerous fun games that would keep one glued to his or her phone.

These were before the age of smartphones and social media apps because they weren’t a thing back then, so many people proudly held on to their clunky mobile phones around and anywhere playing pre-installed old-school mobile games.

But now there are varieties of games on play store for androids but they aren’t as nostalgic as some games people once played on button phones including Nokia, Symbian etc.

Read below and find out which of the games made you nostalgic

1. Snake xenzia

Snake Xenzia for Android - APK Download

In this game, a snake mustn’t bite any of its body parts or else game over and many tried beating the top score on the board each time

2. Bounce

Bounce Classic Game - Apps on Google Play

Who remembers the ( 7 3 7 3, 9 7) we use to avoid been eaten by that spider thing?

3. Space impact


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