The Dumbest Reasons Why Young Ghanaians Aren’t Following COVID-19 Precautions

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Everything has gone back to normal. ‘Outside’ is open but, the virus is still active and people are getting sick.

The shocking thing is, even though the president and health professionals keep saying we need to take the neccessary precautions to make sure we don’t catch it, lots of young Ghanaians are enjoying themselves carelessly with no precautions in sight!

These are the most common and dumbest reasons why people haven’t been putting on their masks and these are not from the people in the ‘streets’. These are from the “educated” people who “should know better”.

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“Hoh coronavirus doesn’t exist”

“Akuffo Addo said the virus is gone”

“I don’t know anyone who has it so I don’t believe it”

“I’ve been praying, I’m good” / “My pastor said…”

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“This thing, If you will get it, you will get it”

“If you are too careful, you will get it”

“Do I look like I have it?”

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“My immune system is too strong”

“I will never get it”

“My friends don’t have it so it’s fine”

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“I am tired of this thing”

“The virus won’t go anywhere so get used to it”

“The virus it’s only some kind of people getting it” / “It’s only dbees getting sick”

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“The mask doesn’t look nice with my outfit”

“My makeup was nice today”

People are still getting sick every day. You might think you don’t know anyone who has it so it’s not real but, people have tested positive and kept quiet about it while they recovered. If a doctor hasn’t told you your immune system is macho, stop feeling over confident about your immune system! We never know how strong it is until we actually fall sick.

Pray and boost your immune system with all the things you believe in but please, don’t be careless with it. Always wear your mask and wash your hands when you can! Always have your sanitizers and please, wearing your mask only to go press your cheeks against someone else’s at some party makes no sense.

Take care of yourselves people! And stop acting like COVID-19 isn’t out there.


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