Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Gregory Andrews Promotes Ghanaian Owned Business

Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Gregory Andrews in a Latex Foam delivery van. Photo Credit: Australian High Commission

The Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Gregory Andrews is really doing a good job representing his country and deepening the ties between Ghana and Australia.

One way he is doing that is getting to know ordinary Ghanaians from all walks of life.

He is also patronizing and shinning a spotlight on Ghanaian businesses.

Last week, he was highliting a local Ghanaian barber, this week it is the foam making company, Latex foam.

Gregory purchased Honeymoon Mattresses from Latex Foam for himself and his family.

When the mattresses were delivered, he took to the High Commission’s Facebook page to share the news.

“This week I got to drive a real Ghanaian truck! Well OK, not really. I don’t have my truck drivers licence,” he said joking about how he got into the driver’s seat of the delivery van.

“They were delivering new locally-made ‘Honeymoon Mattresses’ from Latex Foam Rubber Products Ltd. Everyone in my family will have a nice new bed when they arrive in Ghana after schools reopen and flights resume,” he added.

Then he gave Latex Foam an amazing review.

“I can tell you I am already getting a good night’s sleep on my mattress. It is seriously the best I have ever had. Firm, but comfortable,” he said about the made in Ghana product.

Good for Latex Foam for landing such a gracious client.


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