5 Ways To Identify A Player

3. Very spontaneous

Yes, spontaneity with the right person is encouraged as it keeps the relationship fresh and exciting but this is different. They call you out of the blue at the oddest times and expect you to drop everything you’re doing just to hang out with them. Sometimes, they even abruptly cancel the plans in the middle of you preparing for them. They don’t like you. You’re an option to them and when they feel like they have a better option, they leave you behind.


  1. They compliment you. They want to tell what to wear.
    2.They love to boss you. You can be their P. A
    with no salary.
    3.They hardly take you out… You don’t get to see their friends, or family.
    4.You are given a roaster on when to visit them. You can be told not visit on Wednesdays or weekends because your co-girlfriend or boyfriend would be around.


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