5 Ways To Identify A Player

Image of a meme. Source: Twitter

A lot of people have fallen victims to these type of people. They just want to hit it and quit or just want to spend your money and leave. Instead of stating clearly what they want from you so you decide whether or not you are interested, these ones are so cowardly that they hide behind a facade just to get what they want from you. Once they get it, they’re done.

If it’s hard for you to spot them (trust us, we know it’s not easy), here are some pointers about them to look out for.

1. They spend more time talking about themselves

Most likely because they don’t really want to know who you are so they don’t get emotionally attached. They would rather spend all night talking about themselves since they really aren’t interested in you. This isn’t to say that all of them act this way as I am well aware of the fact that some go the extra mile just to be charming to knock you off your game. Just be careful.

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  1. They compliment you. They want to tell what to wear.
    2.They love to boss you. You can be their P. A
    with no salary.
    3.They hardly take you out… You don’t get to see their friends, or family.
    4.You are given a roaster on when to visit them. You can be told not visit on Wednesdays or weekends because your co-girlfriend or boyfriend would be around.


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