Gregory Andrews Seeks Advice From Ghanaians About The Name Of His Dog

Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Gregory Andrews hugging his dog, Kofi (image via Facebook/AustralianHighCommissionGhana)

Gregory Andrews, the Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, has been enjoy his time in Ghana so far.

He is doing his best to experience the ordinary Ghanaian life, and we are certian that he is.

He has also taken advantage of his social media pages to interact with Ghanaians.

In a recent post, he asked for advice from Ghanaians about the name of one of his dogs.

Mr Andrews, earlier this week, shared photos of himself taking his dogs for a walk on the Osu Oxford Street in Accra. In that post, he indicated the names of his “newly adopted dogs” are Kofi and Rikka.

While some Ghanaians indicated that it was “culturally” wrong for him to name his dog Kofi, others were fine with it and saw nothing wrong with him giving his dog the name.

“In Australia, we love our dogs and call them all different names, including human ones,” Gregory Andrews said on Facebook.

He further clarified: “I inherited him with the name Kofi. My Ghanaian colleagues here at the High Commission tell me he was brought in as an orphaned puppy on a Friday. That’s how Kofi got his name.”

“But I want to do the right thing here. What do you think? Should I change his name?” he asked.

Here are the responses he got from Ghanaians:

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