Social Media To The Rescue: Selase Needs Help To Fund Her Tuition

Selase Amevor is a third year Master of Pharmacy student at The King’s University

Selase Amevor, a third-year Master of Pharmacy student at The King’s University in the United Kingdom, is in dire need of your help to raise funds to pay for her tuition.

She owes the university about £6000 and she needs to pay this amount by September 7, 2020, otherwise, she will be withdrawn from her course.

As a result of this debt, she has already been barred from her course, hence she cannot access course material, register for classes or access her results.

According to Selase, her parents are working extremely hard to raise the money, however, it is unfortunately not enough to support her tuition costs.

She has also applied for grants and scholarships, however, she is ineligible for many of them.

At the time of filing this report, an amount of £2,191 has been raised on her GoFundMe page.

Selase still needs about £3,000 more to reach the full amount.

You can donate via Selase’s GodFundMe page.

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