PlayStation 5’s Latest Trailer Showcases New Immersive Features

Sony's PlayStation 5

Sony has just debuted its first global ad spot for the PlayStation 5, focusing on the array of new features the next-generation console boasts to give players an even more immersive experience. Revolving around haptic feedback, 3D audio, and adaptive triggers, the clip showcases different examples of how each technology can be utilized for more engaging gameplay. In its official press release, Sony also invited various game developers to explain how those three new features have been implemented in upcoming titles.

“The haptic feedback precision allows us to do all sorts of new things,” says Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales‘ creative director Brian Horton. “In Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, we’ll be hinting to players which direction attacks are coming from by providing haptic feedback from the appropriate direction on the DualSense wireless controller. What does it feel like to use Miles’s stealth ability? How does a Venom Blast feel? Because of the high resolution of DualSense wireless controller’s haptics system, we can really push the dimensionality of the feedback. For instance, as you hold down Square to do a Venom Punch, you feel Spider-Man’s bio-electricity crackle across from the left side of the controller, culminating in the right side on impact.”

Deathloop‘s game director Dinga Bakaba also explains how the game will utilize adaptive triggers for a more realistic experience. “I’m really excited by the adaptive triggers and the haptic feedback, both features that will bring some physicality in-game experiences, and give important feedback,” he said. “Deathloop being a first-person shooter, we do a lot of things to make weapons feel differently from one another. One I like is blocking the triggers when your weapon jams, to give to the player immediate feedback even before the animation plays out, which prompts the player in a physical way that they have to unjam their gun.”


Source: Hypebeast

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