Here’s How Young Musicians Can Make Money Off TikTok

TikTok creative

Tik Tok is making sure that it is heavily involved in the music scene.

It has announced a deal with UnitedMasters to allow artists, especially young artists on TikTok to distribute their songs directly to streaming services and other partners directly.

UnitedMasters is the un-record-label label — in fact, a direct distribution company. The firm allows musicians (especially budding ones) to pay a competitive distribution rate to get access to Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Apple Music and other services. It also gets them access to analytics, retargeting, CRM tools and individual deals that UM makes with brands like ESPN and the NBA.

The simple scenario is this:

  • 1. An aspiring artist or songwriter puts out a song or riff on TikTok (likely one of many).
  • 2. This one has something and it catches on the algorithm and generates numbers.
  • 3. The creator opts in to participating in UnitedMasters’ program.
  • 4. They give up a cut of 10% but get direct distribution into the major streaming buckets and potential A-grade partners.
  • 5. They can also market things like tickets, merch and more directly to fans using UM’s customer tools.
  • 6. The artist keeps 100% of their royalties.

Which is why this tie-up with TikTok makes a hell of a lot of sense. One of the biggest issues with viral social platforms has been the way that they reward creators.

Source: Tech Crunch||

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