6 People Talk About The “Poorest” Meal They’ve Ever Eaten

There are times where chale! You didn’t know where the next meal was going to come from because you are too broke!

You had to make do with the GHS 1 in your pocket and try to get something that will just hold your stomach.

I asked 6 people about the poorest meal they’ve eaten and they told me about it.

1. Kofi – 22 years

I was very broke since I hadn’t gotten any gig in a while and mum kept pushing me to get a regular job. There was no food at home; my mum made sure of it when she was leaving. Not even Milo and sugar. I was so hungry that I decided to prepare some custard that had been on a table in our house for God-knows-how long. I didn’t care if it had passed it’s expiry date, all I knew was that I needed to satisfy my hunger. I ate the custard with no sugar and drank water on it.

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