Twitter Wants You To Normalize Non-Sexual Male Affection?

Micheal B Jordan and Ryan Coogler

It is easy for women to show and publically declare their affection to their gal pals.

It’s easy for them to say I love you and have it said back among themselves.

The issues arise when love is exchanged between two men.

Then relationship is not regarded as platonic but sexual.

Expressing affection from one man to another is not seen as being macho and masculinity is questioned.

This has meant that two men cannot say “I love you” to one another without being seen as homosexuals and the same cannot be seen between a man and a woman.

However, there is a call to ensure that we normalize this kind of non sexual relationships and make it more visible.

Reggie on Twitter asked that we “normalize non sexual male affection” so that a man and woman have a strong relationship without people assuming they are having sex and the same for two men.

However, will we ever live in such a society…. Twitter had opinions.

Are you supporting the normalization of non sexual male relationship?


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