Sarkodie Calls Stonebwoy And Angel’s Incident “The Highest Level Of Disrespect”

Sarkodie and Stonebwoy

After 9 whole days, Sarkodie has finally made his voice heard on the issue regarding Stonebwoy and his manager, Angel Town.

On August 10, while Sarkodie and his team were recording the Black Love Virtual Concert, there was an altercation between Stonebwoy and Angel which resulted in Angel getting injured in his eye.

However, since the story broke, Sarkodie has remained silent over the issue until now.

In an audio recorded statement posted on YouTube the rapper called the incident ” the highest level of disrespect.”

“I have been at his (Stonebwoy’s) concerts and he has no idea of what I had do to get to that stage,” he added.

Though Sarkodie did not get into the specifics of what happened, he did confirm that Stonebwoy physically attacked Angel and that he “condemns the act.”

“Know that I am extremely disappointed knowing how he (Stonebwoy) is with Angelo,” he added.

Sarkodie said he was proud his manager did not retaliate when he was physically attacked by Stonebwoy.

“Angelo saw Stonebwoy as his little brother getting out of control and I am proud he didn’t touch him,” he said.

As someone who has been in the industry for a long time, Sarkodie said he has had to put his emotions in check several times he has felt disrespected by others in the industry.

He also hoped this served as a lesson to the young musicians coming up.

“I want to use this to advice the up and coming to learn how to control your reaction,” he said.

“If you’re in this for the long run, you will be provoked, a lot of situations will stir up emotions but you have to be strong,” he added.

Sarkodie’s press release comes days after Stonebwoy also publically apologized for the incident.

To that, Sarkodie said he has accepted Stonebwoy’s apology.

Sarkodie also sent his own apology to Stonebwoy if he felt disrespected when he came to record his performance.

You can listen to the entire 6 minutes press release below:

Sarkodie really went to town with this one – excuse the pun.


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