7 Animals Nigerians Associate With Bad Omens


Do you remember your primary school days when you were told that only domestic animals are great pets? Well, things have changed! Wild animals like snakes, lions, tiger and more are now in the league of pets loved by people.

Moreover, some of these animals are said to be man’s best friend because of their level of loyalty to their owners but in Nigeria, there are certain animals that are believed to be messengers of evil spirits or related to Witchcraft folklore probably from their behaviour. The animals include

1. Cats

Coronavirus: Cat owners fear pets will make them sick - BBC News

Cats are really lovable pets with their green eyes that glow in the dark but Nigerian women would never agree to own one. Once cats are seen staring at you for long or meowing, especially if it’s a black cat, it is believed that they are witches and wizards sent from their village to attack them.

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