10 People To Check Out For Instagram Fashion Reels Inspo


Ever since the Instagram reels option was rolled out, we’ve seen a lot of creativity on that side of town. A lot of people just moved some of their best content from TikTok to Reels but a lot more people have stopped using TikTok and are now focusing fully on Instagram.

By now you’ve seen a couple of fashion trends online like the throwing of the shoes into the air and switching clothes and a few others.

The trick to all these different video types is to shoot outside of Instagram. Record a video of yourself in one clothing item. Choose a way you want to transition from one video to the next and shoot the other video(s) starting from the way you ended the previous one.

When editing, make sure that everything lasts 15 seconds since that’s the timeframe allowed for Reels.

A lot of different transitions used currently on Instagram Reels are those that were on TikTok and a number of people have posted a lot of videos concerning those transitions on YouTube. Just search for “TikTok transitions” and watch as many videos as you can.

Here are some pages you should check out for amazing Reel content regarding fashion.



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