What We’re Listening To This Week: Pillow Talk By Blac Cousins

Female rappers Ghana
Blac Cousins made up of Ms Fu and Anae

This week, we are switching things up a little. We are listening to the hiphop project, Pillow Talk.

Two artistes, Anae and Ms Fu came together as Blac Cousins to give us the project.

They both rap, sing and the production and mixing was done by Anae. It’s an all female affair and yes, that makes me very happy.

I loved the fact that they added a personal touch to the whole listening experience. After each song, the two artistes share their thoughts and ideas behind the song and their verses, podcast style. 

Female rappers Ghana
Tracklist for Pillow Talk by Blac Cousins

For me, this was the most important part of the project because all that commentary made me appreciate the songs more and yes, it was a welcome alternative to the usual artiste inspiration called “vibes”.

I wasn’t sold on the mixing and mastering side of the production but after listening to the project a few more times, I’ve come to the conclusion that the rawness of it all adds to the overall listening experience. 

In just 5 songs, Ms Fu and Anae touched on several topics; the thoughts that usually weigh you down, your anxiety for the future, what it means to be considered an “outsider” just because you’re different, heartbreak and more. The artistes’ vulnerability, fears, anger and frustration in some instances could be felt in the songs and I enjoyed that!!

My immediate favourites were Breaking Bad for that fire it came with, Closure for the entire delivery and production and Mind Matters for the message.

Get the project on all platforms here.

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