T’Neeya’s ‘Hype Means Nothing’ Is The Perfect Dose Of Vim

Ghanaian based singer, T’Neeya (photo credit: Daccra World)
Ghanaian based singer, T’Neeya (photo credit: Daccra World)

T’Neeya, a Ghanaian based Cameroonian singer, just released a new song, Hype Means Nothing.

The song is a welcome addition to her catalog which doesn’t have a lot of songs but, is an impressive one boasting of music with Nigeria’s Grammy nominated producer Kel P, Odunsi, Darkovibes and more.

Ghanaian based singer, T’Neeya (photo credit: Daccra World)

Hype Means Nothing is an upbeat yet mellow Webbiejustdidit produced song. It’s the kind of song that’s relatable enough for you to pause and think yet upbeat enough for you to jam to.

On the song, T’Neeya switches flawlessly from French to pidgin to English in her usual fashion, singing about her thoughts and desire to make it in life with no time for bad energy or or fake friends. 

“Life is not a sprint but a marathon// My eye red I no dey bed too many tears we dey shed. If you cyant keep it real better step”

It’s interesting how she switches through it all, letting us into her thought process about her life and future. It’s evident in how she switches from addressing haters, envisioning her future, sharing her hopes and taking a moment to brag about herself in what seems like an attempt to amp her confidence. 

T’Neeya actually admits Hype Means Nothing was written at a time she felt really low in life:

“I had hit rock bottom and didn’t know what to do but Everyday I would wake up and consciously think of good old memories. I would envision myself living my best life. I did that constantly. That was how I got myself out of the gloomy and sad place.”

Knowing that thoughts of living her best life helped pull her out of the low place makes you understand this song on a different level.

Get the song on all streaming platforms here

And watch the lyric video for the song here: 

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