All The Times DJ Cuppy Flexed Her Wealth On A Song

DJ Cuppy Jollof on jet
DJ Cuppy via Instagram

We all know DJ Cuppy right? The bubbly always pink haired DJ who’s been making huge strides in the music industry.

The Nigerian DJ and music producer has done good for herself and is definitely making Nigeria proud but one thing no one forgets to mention is that she’s the daughter of Femi Otedola, one of the wealthiest men in Nigeria.

She never fails to mention that too. Growing up rich must have been nice and making your own wealth must be nicer too! 

These are all the times DJ Cuppy flexed on us hard with her lyrics.

Jollof On The Jet

What do you expect? From a wealthy young girl who’s been jetting all over the world in her dad’s private jet. You scrape out your jollof kanzo in your kitchen. She eats hers on a private jet… you are not the same!

Gelato In Italy Or London?

First of all you need to know that gelato is usually more expensive than normal ice cream. In this song, she practically sang about taking you anywhere just for gelato. Italy? London? Back to Nigeria? You don’t have a problem (she has a jet remember?)

Fun fact: She once posted on social media that she and her dad flew to Italy for an hour to get ice cream. 

Who is your daddy?

She made a whole song bragging about her dad! 

On the Gelato song which features Zlatan, the Nigerian artiste sings a line where he asks “Who is your daddy?” And Cuppy replies with “Otedola”. 

Huge flex because everyone knows her daddy is a wealthy oil magnate.

It’s actually really funny how DJ Cuppy has us all shouting Otedola is our Daddy at concerts.

Abeg who is your daddy?

My people hustle ooo so your kids can flex this hard all the time!


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