After Jon Benjamin, Australia’s Gregory Andrews Is Our Next ‘Fav’ High Commissioner

Gregory Andrews with his dogs Kofi and Rikka

High Commissioners and ambassadors in general have a rather difficult job.

The must make sure they strengthen the relationship between their country and the host country.

Most of them have their own approach to getting their job done.

However, during his time as the British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin really integrated into the Ghanaian community.

He engaged Ghanaians from the highest halls of power to social media and to the very ordinary Ghanaian on the streets of Ghana.

As a result, that got him in trouble with the Ghanaian public sometimes, however, that also endeared him to Ghanaians.

Recently, Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, Gregory Andrews is also getting himself acquainted with the ordinary Ghanaian.

From getting his hair cut at a local barber shop to taking his dogs for walks on the street of Osu, Gregory is doing his best to get to experience the ordinary Ghanaian life.

The only missing thing here is the witty Twitter conversations – no pressure though.


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