13 Relatable Ways That The Internet Annoys Us Everyday

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The internet is now irreversibly a part of our everyday lives. It’s more or less part of the human experience at this point. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some things that will annoy the joy out of you. So we’ve put an utterly relatable list together. Here are some of the biggest hits; 13 reasons why the internet is unbearable sometimes.


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I don’t know what happened to YouTube, but now you get to enjoy up to four ads in a 10 minute video. I mean … why don’t we just go back to watching TV then?


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Having trash internet can make the internet unbearable at times. Especially when your video chooses to buffer right at the good parts.

Captcha Tests

Image of CAPTCHA via Cloudflare

It’s a little ironic that computers are always trying to verify users’ humanity. And it’s even more annoying when you have to decide if a box has a car in it or not for the 3rd time in a row because you keep getting it wrong.

Arguments That Turn Into Grammar Attacks

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You’d be amused at how quickly an intellectual discourse/argument can turn into nitpicking each other’s typos when one party feels that their opinion is being challenged.

The Social Media Gurus

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And then, there are those people who spend inordinate amounts of time crafting the perfect zen quotes to share with their followers. We appreciate your intentions but life is not so easy that one quote can fix everything.

Emails Telling You About Messages

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Twiiter, Instagram … stop sending me emails about the messages that people have dm’ed me. I know already! What do you think your app notifications are for?

NSFW Content On Twitter

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

You would think that there’s never a bad time to see some boobies but, at work while you’re very publicly scrolling through Twitter on your computer isn’t the best time for NSFW content. Oh look! Now your boss think you’re a perv.


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