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Hello job seekers, are you pumped for the new week? Hopefully your answer is a ‘yes,’ because we’ve got something for you. This week on Let’s Get You Hired, we are looking at careers in creative fields. And this week’s article is brought to you courtesy Circumspecte and The New Career Platform.

So, we’re taking our tips this week from creative entrepreneur; Stefania Manfreda—owner, designer and curator of Lokko House. She is also known for her work in fashion retail, visual design and communication, furniture design and the development and promotion of African creativity. Stefania Manfreda has over 12 years of experience in her field.

Be Curious!

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Stefania Manfreda describes herself as a curious person. She’s always been the type of person who has to know the ‘why’ behind things. That means that she actively tries to find out how the things that she interacts with behave the way that they do. Although, that could get her into trouble as a child, it’s one of the things that allows her to excel as a creative.

Information Is My Drug.

—Stefania Manfreda.

As a creative, as well as in other disciplines, curiosity is important to advance your career. You need to want to learn more, know more and grow. According to Stefania, that curiosity is also a practical thing. It is what makes compels her to delve into research whenever she has to undertake a new project.

You’re A Creative. But You Still Need To Plan

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Stefania’s job owner of Lokko House spans a range of different functions. And she has to—to an extent—commit to each of these functions. And although creatives are notorious for their aversion to planing, Stefania makes sure that she has a grand scheme for every month. She usually dives the month up by weeks, and spends each week focusing on a different aspect of the business.

Specifically, in the first week of a month, she spends here time with the accounts department, going over analysis of sales, paying suppliers and all the other numbers work that the business requires. For the second week, she spends her time in Admin. That is, handling paperwork, contracts, sourcing items and other executive functions that keep the business running. Her third week is usually when the more creative aspects of the business comes into play. The final week, Stefania chooses to leave open. According to her, “it’s a week where anything can happen.”

There’s Something That You CAn Learn From Every Job

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Stefania’s first job was working at a retail store for accessories and apparel while she was still in Italy. For that job, she managed the store and made sales to customers. Although, she wasn’t formally trained for the work, Stefania learnt on the job. She discovered that in order to sell to people, you couldn’t just be superficial. You had to learn their personalities, and what that meant in the context of their tastes. You needed to connect with them on some level on order to make them buy.

And that wasn’t the only job that Stefania learnt from. She also spent some time working at a market research firm, where she learned about information as a commodity, and it’s value to certain companies.

In Stefania’s words, one thing that universities gloss over is the human aspect of any job. In every job, you have to work with people, and the nuances of those interactions can’t be taught. You need to learn these people skills. These are things that you need to learn through experience. So again, every job that you will have has things to teach you.

To get to where she is today, Stefania’s path has been far from linear. She explored different, unrelated jobs. But in the end, the skills that she picked up in all of those roles; the networks, connectionsthey all came to play in getting her to where she is today.

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Source: Stefania ManfredaOwner, Designer, Curator; Lokko House, via Circumspecte.


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