Kumerica 101: All You Need To Know About Kumasi Drill

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screenshot via Akatafo music video on YouTube

So the new wave and new addition to the Ghanaian music industry is Kumasi Drill. 

I first saw the term on my TL by different sets of people and assumed it was some tease word for our people in Kumasi especially as it came with the term Kumericans. (Yes, Kumericans like Americans.)

I barely paid attention till one day I asked exactly what it was and… we are on to something!

So, Kumasi Drill… what is it?

So Kumasi Drill is basically the Ghanaian version of Drill music. It’s being called Kumasi drill because the movement is being spearheaded by emerging rappers in Kumasi! After listening to more Kumasi Drill, I realized some of the rappers refer to it as Asaaka music which is probably the localized name for Kumasi Drill.

Drill Music made in Kumasi - Kumerica to the world -
The Kumerican flag

But wait, What’s Drill Music?

Now for those who don’t know, Drill music is a sub-genre of trap music (that new wave of hip-hop young people love and the OG  hip-hop lovers claim is trash). It first started in Chicago somewhere in 2010 and Chief Keef is referred to as the ‘creator’ of the genre but, UK rappers took the genre and owned it so well, UK Drill has become one of the most popular hip-hop genres in the UK.

Since his music is trending the most now, it’d be interesting to note that Pop Smoke has been referred to as the rapper who re-introduced Drill to New York.

How do you know it’s drill?

Drill music is usually a trap beat full of lyrics that reference gang life, drugs and crime. Music videos depict these too very well. In the UK, the drill artistes usually put on ski masks and some may carry guns as well. In Ghana, the Kumasi Drill rappers have adapted the gang-style to the Ghanaian lifestyle: The Akata way of life which some may refer to as ‘Area boy’ lifestyle.

So who started the Kumasi Drill?

Currently, we cannot tell, but for me and some others, the first Kumasi drill song we heard was Akatafo by Kawabanga. This doesn’t mean it’s the first song because apparently, one of the guys featured, Jay Bahd had his song shared by Virgil Abloh back in April so…if anything, Accra is now catching up to the wave.

The Kumerican rappers are on the right path and if they keep making hot songs like this, there’d be a future with this genre and soon we just might be selling this genre to the world.

For more Kumasi Drill, check out this playlist on Audiomack

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