How To Dress For Your Body Type – Rectangle Body


Over the past 5 weeks, we’ve explored the different body types and how to dress to flatter each type.

We talked about how to determine your body type, what to wear if you have a pear shaped body, inverted triangle, apple shaped body and the hourglass body. Today’s article is the last of the body types for women series. If you haven’t checked the others out, you should do so.

People with a rectangular shaped body have almost the same measurements for all sections of their bodies. They have an athletic build, small bust and a flatter ass. Since they don’t have a well-defined waist line they tend to look straight.

The main focus is for you to define your waist to break the rectangle shape by wearing belts, wearing clothes with darker colours around the waist and stop tucking in your tops into skirts or trousers.

Upper part

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Avoid square and straight necklines. Lower, wider necklines – such as wide V-, slash, scoop or sweetheart necklines, visually lengthen the shoulder and bust area. Embellishments around the décolletage such as big collars, lace trims and ruffles can also help direct the attention upwards and create additional volume.

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If you want to accentuate your slender look, opt for narrow necklines – such as turtlenecks, mandarin, crew, funnel and halter necklines but don’t forget to define the waist.

To create volume, sleeves should be loose and wide – like flared, princess, puff or flutter sleeves.

Bottom Part

Add volume to your lower half with flowy, glamorous pleating. Image source:

You need trousers with a flare at the bottom to bring attention down there and to add volume to your look. Avoid high waisted jeans since they end at your waist and emphasizes how straight your body is. Pleated, flared and straight pants should be your best friends.


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Stay away from shapeless dresses. Almost every type of dress will complement your frame, so it really is just about deciding which styles are your favorites.


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Skirts are perfect for you as they add volume to your figure. Straight skirts and flared skirts should be your go to. Avoid angular A-line skirts since they’ll make you look shapeless.

We hope these tips help you out.


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