9 Weird Food Combinations Nigerians Eat

bread and pepper soup
bread and pepper soup

Food is one of the essential basic needs of man, Agreed!. Moreover, It’s not bad to try out new food combination as some of these turn out to taste great but it seems Nigerians love to explore more when it comes to weird food combination.

There’s nothing wrong with food combos such as Indomie and plantain, rice and stew but I must confess that Nigerians can be ridiculously creative with their meals….so here are some bizarre food combinations many Nigerians love.  

Yam and butter

Yam | All Nigerian Recipes

I was shocked to see my friend eating this combo. Like she didn’t leave any crumbs on her plate. In my mind, I began to wonder if frying eggs to yam or just buying bread to the available butter wouldn’t be a better option.

Indomie and bread

indomie-and-bread | Zikoko!

It might sound gross but many have testified that this combo is “made in heaven”. Lol. Mind you, if you know you have a sensitive stomach, then you wouldn’t want to try it or add more pepper.

Coconut and bread

Lagos Govt introduces Eko Coconut Bread to boost food security

I’m personally recommending this combo to you. A mix of a crunchy coconut and soft bread will leave your taste bud asking for more.

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