8 Phrases That Made You Pee Your Pants In Primary School

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Back when we were in school… from Kindergarten to Junior High School, these were some phrases that always put the fear of God in you and made your heart thump in your chest!

“Put your heads on the table!”

When you hear this, you just know you’re all going to receive some lashes on your back and… those few minutes where you keep your head down but hear the sound of the cane on flesh getting closer and closer… 

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“All those standing, keep standing”

Teachers loved to sneak up on you with this phrase and punish you just because you got out of your seat to gossip with your friend at the back of the class smh. 

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“All books away! Take a sheet of paper”

If you didn’t revise, you just know you’re going to fail because this phrase only meant there was a quiz/test coming up!

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“See Me”

Seeing this in your homeworkers class work meant you were in serious trouble!

“If you got below…stand up”

Math classes, French classes… this is where the fear always was because if you saw your mark and noticed you got below the pass mark…lashes fall upon you!”

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“If you hear your name come forward”

The way your heart beats as they keep mentioning the names off the Names of Talkatives list. You know you were talking but you don’t know if the class prefect caught you talking.

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“Conjugate être ”

Y’all know you couldn’t conjugate être ! For some reason, a lot of people found French very difficult in school and hated the subject!

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“If you know your homework is not here, stand up”

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Ghanaian meme

Which one made you scared the most?

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