My Takeaways From Burna Boy’s Twice As Tall Album. Solid Album Or Nah?

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This isn’t a review. Just what I learned from the first few listens. 

Is it mid? Maybe.

Is it a solid album? Yes.

Burna Boy’s album may come off as not so good to lots of fans mainly because the expectations were too high for the project. Many compared it to African Giant and expected something like it but… Burna obviously took a slightly different path.

Twice As Tall isn’t your average Burna project. 

In the words of the executive producer, Sean Combs aka P Diddy, 

“We are making Album of the year, not African….. ALBUM OF THE YEAR”

Notice that? He said Album of the Year and not African Album. Burna’s goals are higher.

Call Twice As Tall a strategic plan. A key… or maybe a magnet, connecting Africa with the rest of the world. Of course, there’s the business side to it all as well. 

Cover art of the Burna Boy album

Burna’s gathered all his fans… the ones who love him for his traditional and original vibe on songs such as Onyeka and Comma. His UK fans unite once again with his track with Stormzy. The modern feel of Monsters You Made with Chris Martin and the nostalgia on Naughty By Nature which sampled the 90s hit Jamboree by Naughty By Nature all make one thing clear: the album is open enough for global attention.

The GRAMMY just might happen and it won’t be lumped up in the questionable ‘World’ category. 

Burna’s reach is definitely going to be twice as much as what he accomplished with African Giant. There’s something for everyone in all parts of the world to jam to but the best part is, he maintained the authentic African feel through it all and still stuck to his Pan Africanism.

Content wise, some songs were meh and Diddy’s voice was only impactful on the first song and as an intro to the second song but the production makes the listening experience worthwhile. 

The transitioning from one song to other is orgasmic. Diddy’s speech flowing from track 1 into track 2 made it all sound like one song and it wasn’t just on that song. It’s the whole album.

It’s obvious a lot of thought was put in the arrangement of the song. The intro sets the tone for the whole purpose of the album: his journey to where he’s at now and what he hopes to achieve and the last song… his outro slows down just enough to flow back into the first song on the album.

You start the project in anticipation, jam in the middle and then slow down just enough to get introspective before you go right back into it. 

It’s all so smooth and that is what makes replay easy. 

Twice as Tall is a melting pot of western and African music and if Beyoncé’s Black Is King brought the global attention to Africa, Burna Boy’s is going to open up even more closed gaps. 

We are bridging the gap people! African music and the global music scene is going to melt into each other soon. Music is unifying us and if technology made the world seem small, music just might make it seem smaller!

My top 5 at the moment? I know it’s change soon but it’s definitely: Naughty By Nature, Monsters You Made, Time Flies, Way Too Big and Onyeka (Baby). 

Listen to the project here:


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